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Justin L Whedon asked 2 months ago

A lot of those ‘first jobs’ kids get when they’re 15-16 years old such as grocery sackers, fast-food, restaurant jobs, and retail are slowly disappearing. Of course, tech jobs are where it’s at for kids who get started early and who’s family have the resources to afford the internet, computers, tablets, etc. This is an important part of learning for a lot of people. How to work for others. How to be responsible. How to make and manage money. Not to mention that for a portion of these kids the money they make will go to help their family or go in savings to help pay to further their own education.

What can we do to ensure that kids will still have ‘first jobs’ in five years? Ten years? Twenty years?

What ideas do you have?

How could we incorporate other important problems such as the environment and sustainability?

How can we make ‘public service’ a ‘payable job’?

I will expand on this question further when I have time, but I wanted to get it out there.

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Rylo answered 2 months ago

Hmmm. That all depends on what type of economics survive this transition. Money has to be digitized and A.I. will control its flow. Look at BTC. On a large scale, there has to be a leveraged program. Say, a city needed summer/intern park caretakers and has a tokenized green works program dependent on its efficacy for payout amount (from a central authority, e.g. State Revenue Dept.). It would be a great way to teach citizenship and stewardship. Be a type of citizen token that pays for certain goods or could be placed in de-fi pools where they receive interest and convert to education funds at a certain age.

admin Staff replied 2 months ago

I love this concept. The idea of being able to ‘gain’ crypto or some type of NFT for doing good things would be amazing.

Georgetus replied 3 days ago

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